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Deep understanding of the local markets we operate


Continuous Improvement of quality features for future buildings

Luis Carvalho / Owner - CEO

Luis Carvalho

Owner - CEO


“Fact based, the current real estate local offer is insufficient, lacks quality, and most often does not assure the final customer his “value for money”. Real estate promoters and developers historically built the residential segment under guidance not determined by final consumer’s basic needs.

In today’s market conditions, most common young or middle class families, not disposing 1m€ or 2m€ budget to invest, are not entitled to access a consciously designed house, correctly integrated in its environment, and efficient enough to assure the basic comfort levels all throughout the year

Having in mind that quality standards for residential houses must be better tomorrow, and having the intent to propose alternative solutions to these market constraints, K2RV is a start-up company that will invest in developing two main capabilities:

  • Deep understanding of the local real estate markets we operate.

Understanding the mechanics of supply and demand, anticipating customer needs and suppliers’ capabilities.

  • Continuous Improvement of quality features for residential buildings

We intend to achieve it through Innovation and reengineering, combining efforts with partners and suppliers from different knowledges in order to improve the standards for construction, design and efficiency for future houses.

And also, through an Efficient management model, capable to implement innovations, always keeping in mind cost need to stay attractive (and affordable) for a wider range of future owners.

 We will invest and place new products on the market, stimulating Demand through quality, efficiency and innovation. All through our investment projects, we seek to develop sustainable solutions allowing a wider range of families easier access to houses featuring higher quality standards, include in its value proposition items that, most often, are only accessible through the luxury segment offer.

Also, we keep in mind the Supply side of the equation and its need for more flexibility: New technology, with reduced time to execution and lower costs, offers reduced risks for companies and investors, mainly under scenarios where these players would face headwinds from the market. Therefore, it is important to embrace the technologic opportunity and aim to develop better constructive solutions for tomorrow.

We are connecting to partners with high technical skills and common vision for the future.

And we are looking forward for this exciting challenge.

Luis Carvalho”

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